Workers Compensation Denied?

Sometimes we work jobs that cause strains or injuries to our bodies. While we hope to get compensation for pain or trauma suffered,we receive the saddening report that our claims have been denied. Here is what to do when work comp gets denied (hire a workers comp lawyer !).

Find Out the Reason

Before taking any further action,inquire about the reason why your compensation has been denied. It is possible that your employer is acting within their rights to deny you compensation. As a guide,here are some of the top reasons why your employer may deny you work compensation.

1. Not Meeting The Disability Guidelines

Every organization has their own definition of disabilities as well as what make those disabilities viable for compensation. Maybe your organization does not compensate for illnesses caused by working overtime at your job. Additionally,some employers may not compensate if they see you are still functional even after suffering trauma or injuries. Accordingly,read through the company’s guidelines before filing for work compensation.

2. Failure to Prove Injury is Work Related

Compensation can be denied if you cannot prove that the injuries were sustained while working. In such a case,you may need to provide more proof to plead your case. Perhaps you need more witnesses to your claim or you need to see another doctor to validate your first medical report.

3. Missing the Deadline for Claims

It is possible that you missed the window to report your injuries and claims to your employer. The best time to file for claims is immediately after the work-related injury,illness,or trauma has occurred. In some states,it is possible to still submit your written notice even when a deadline is missed. To ensure that the process is smooth,always strive to understand your company’s policy on deadlines.

4. Too Late to File Claims

Do not wait until you are laid off or quit your job to start filing for work compensation claims. However,sometimes the paperwork gets mixed up and they lose your original filed claim. It is important that you retain a copy of your claim to mitigate such situations.
The best thing to do when your work compensation gets denied is to hire an workers comp criteria to represent your case immediately you recover from your injuries or illness. A professional attorney can help you navigate through the bureaucracies of your workplace so that you get compensated.

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