Are Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury Claims Fair?

In every single state,there are statute of limitations when it comes to personal injury claims after an accident. The statute of limitations for New York personal injury claims,for example,is three years. Some people might feel like that is too much time,while others may think that there is no need for statute of limitations in general. Are these laws and regulations actually fair for all involved?

Right after an accident occurs,a lot of people simply do not want to think about any type of lawsuit. Instead,they want to focus on getting better and healthy as quickly as possible. Getting back to as new is a huge priority,but at some point,a person could really benefit from getting some of that money back that they ended up spending on the rehabilitation.

Within three years,according to the best personal injury attorney , it is pretty reasonable for people to have everything figured out. Even though the lawsuit does not need to be finished,it does need to be started. Without starting a lawsuit,a person pretty much forfeits their right to pursue legal action in the future.

That amount of time should be good enough for a a lot of people,but there are some who feel like there should be no statute of limitations. This is because they feel as though a person is going to be wrong for doing something one year ago or 20 years ago. The only problem with this way of thinking is that it would be so difficult to get things resolved. People would constantly be dragging their feet and not really pursuing legal action in a timely manner. It is not fair to either party,and therefore a lot of people feel as though statute of limitations are needed in every single state in the country.

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